In this in-depth blog we look at current policies enforcing mass vaccinations and vaccine passports. Based on official information, we debunk the prevailing narrative, that vaccines are safe and effective, prevent transmission and are the only way to create herd immunity. We inform about research from respected doctors and scientists, who warn about severe diseases, that vaccines might cause, as well as the risk of more contagious and lethal variants resulting from mass vaccinations.

We demonstrate that vaccine mandates are even less justified, as SARS-CoV-2 is only a moderately dangerous virus, many people already have natural immunity, and Covid can be treated successfully with medical protocols consisting of cheap and readily available drugs.

The current Covid craze is maintained with the help of intentionally misleading data and rampant propaganda, causing fear and division in society. We provide explanations, why politicians continue to enforce unjustifiable policies.

The world is at a crossroads. We either end current intrusive policies, or we will further slide into a totalitarian nightmare, where the last remaining freedoms will be taken from us, and we might end up as vaccine junkies.

In the previous two blogs (Covid vaccines are not as safe as we are told and Covid vaccines are leaky – they can’t prevent infection, transmission and even death) we have debunked the official vaccine narrative. Based on official data and reports as well as contributions from (previously) well-respected scientists, doctors and vaccine industry veterans, we have shown that:

Vaccines are not safe

Vaccines have only been granted preliminary approval as trials have not been finished and long-term vaccine risks are completely unknown (only Pfizer got full U.S. approval in August 2021 in a highly controversial decision).
By early September 14,800 suspected vaccine deaths and many more serious injuries have been reported to health authorities in the USA, Canada, Europe, and Australia.
Not all reported deaths are necessarily caused by the vaccine. On the other hand, studies show, that a considerable number of adverse events including deaths is not filed. On a global basis, the actual number of short-term vaccine-induced deaths is at best in the low 5-digits and at worst well in the 6-digits. In the past, vaccines with such a poor safety record would have been withdrawn immediately.

Potential risks:
Immune suppression, neurodegenerative diseases (e.g., Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, ALS), cancer, and infertility
Booster shots can make matters worse by increasing the occurrence of strokes, heart attacks and brain vein thrombosis

Vaccines are not effective

An effective vaccine should prevent infection, or at least hospitalization and death. All current Covid vaccines fail to achieve this.
Breakthrough infections are common around the world.
In England, for those 40-79 years of age, infection rate per 100,000 is highest among the fully vaccinated, indicating negative vaccine effectiveness.
Vaccines seem to provide some protection against hospitalization and death, but the extend and duration of this risk reduction is disputed. The USA, England, Germany and Israel alone, have officially reported over 7,700 Covid breakthrough deaths this year.

Potential risks:
Reduced protection against infection and severe disease shortly after the first vaccine dose
Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE), which makes an infection more severe than without vaccination
Mass vaccinations might create new variants, that are potentially more contagious and lethal

Vaccines don’t prevent transmission

Several papers by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as other scientific research conclude, that the fully vaccinated can transmit the virus and carry the same virus load as the unvaccinated. The first cases of fully vaccinated super spreaders have been made public.
In the USA, Statements by NIAID Director Dr. Fauci and CDC Director Dr. Walensky confirm transmission caused by the vaccinated.

Potential risk:
A study partially funded by the CDC found, that among asymptomatic individuals with high viral loads, 82% of the fully vaccinated were infectious compared to only 29% of the unvaccinated. This suggests that the vaccinated might contribute disproportionately to the spread of the virus in the population

Current vaccines can’t create herd immunity

There is sound evidence, that current Covid vaccines can neither prevent infection nor transmission.
Data from Gibraltar, Iceland, Israel and other countries shows, that positive cases can soar, even though most adults have been fully vaccinated.
That herd immunity is unachievable with current vaccines has been admitted by the epidemiologists from Iceland and the UK, as well as the Europe chief of the WHO

In summary, mass vaccinations are unjustified, as current vaccines can’t create herd immunity and inoculating the majority of the population within a short period of time, might give rise to new variants, that could potentially be more contagious and lethal.

Vaccine passports granting special privileges to the vaccinated are equally unjustified, as inoculation can’t stop transmission of the virus. There is even some evidence, that the vaccinated might drive the pandemic, as they are more vulnerable shortly after the 1st dose and might be more infectious when asymptomatic.

The above does not necessarily mean, that vaccinations should be stopped immediately. For individuals with a high risk from Covid it might make sense to get vaccinated based on a thorough cost-benefit analysis. In order to carry out such an analysis, it is important that people (including medical doctors) are fully aware of Covid’s mortality risk, the protection provided by natural immunity, and the availability of cheap medicine to successfully treat Covid.


Covid mortality is not exceptionally high

For over 1½ years we have been told, that Covid is a super infectious and deadly disease. If this was true, it would definitely show in infection and death numbers.

The website Worldometers provides Covid data from most countries around the world. As of 30 September 2021, it lists 234.6 million cases and 4.8 million deaths since the beginning of the  pandemic. In other words, in more than 20 months 3.0% of the world population have been infected and 0.06% have died from Covid.

Those are certainly bad numbers, but they are far below the doomsday scenarios, that we have been fed by the media. To put the 4.8 million deaths into perspective, with today’s population, the Hong Kong Flu of 1968 would have killed 2-8 million people, the Asian Flu of 1957-58 about 2-10 million, the Spanish Flu of 1918-20 about 71-410 million and the Bubonic Plague of 1347-51 a shocking 560 million to 2.2 billion people.

It might be argued, that there has been substantial underreporting in ‘Third World’ countries, but even if we confine our analysis to Western nations, the highest infection rate was 15.7% in Czechia and the highest death rate 0.31% in Hungary. Excluding Australia and New Zealand, that experienced very few infections and deaths, as they almost completely shut down international travel to their ‘islands’, the lowest infection rate was 2.5% in Finland and the lowest death rate 0.01% in Iceland.

Globally the Case Fatality Rate (CFR), which is calculated by dividing the number of confirmed infections by the number of confirmed deaths, is 2.2%. In the Western World excluding Australia and New Zealand, the CFR ranged between 0.3% (Iceland) and 3.7% (Hungary).

An overall CFR of 2.2% for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes the Covid-19 disease, is not spectacularly high. According to Our World in Data, SARS-Cov-1 has a CFR of 10%, MERS of 34% and Ebola of 50%.

As most Covid cases are either asymptomatic or only mildly symptomatic, not every Covid infection is recognized and officially reported. Therefore, a better measure for mortality than the CFR is the Infection Fatality Rate (IFR), which uses the number of assumed infections, that are either estimated or measured in clinical trials, as the numerator. In October 2020, the WHO published a first meta study compiled by renowned Stanford Professor John Ioannidis, which put median Covid IFR at 0.27% for the whole population and at 0.05% for people younger than 70 years of age. In March 2021 Prof. Ioannidis reduced his overall estimate for the IFR to 0.15%.

To provide a better understanding of the age-related Covid risk before Covid vaccines were introduced, Prof. Ioannidis published another paper in July 2021. According to his latest research, IFR is only 0.0027% for those aged 0 – 19, compared to 5.5% for those 70 years of age and older. People over 85 years of age and/or those living in nursing homes have the highest risk. To put the findings differently, among children and teenagers, only 1 out of 37,037 will die from Covid, whereas mortality risk among the elderly is 1 out of 18.

People who are not obese, and have no other major risk factors for a poor COVID-19 outcome such as smoking, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or immunosuppression, have a much lower mortality risk. As most of the studies analyzed by Prof. Ioannidis were from high-income countries with a larger share of high-risk people, the paper concludes “Global IFR may thus be substantially lower in both the elderly and the lower age strata than estimates presented herein”.

It is often argued, that low IFRs are the result of highly effective public policies, such as lockdowns and mask mandates. However, we have already shown in a previous blog, that mortality in countries with draconian lockdowns has not been significantly lower than in nations with only minor restrictions.

Another common argument is, that the above IFRs don’t account for the ‘carnage’ caused by the Delta variant. However, recent data from England demonstrates, that Delta – though more infectious – has a lower fatality rate than previous variants, even among unvaccinated individuals.

Finally, people contend that the number of Covid patients is still large enough to overwhelm our  healthcare system. This might have been the case in early 2020 in Wuhan, Lombardy and New York. However, since then a general breakdown of Western healthcare systems has not occurred.

For Germany, a recent study by the Leibnitz Institute commissioned by the German Ministry of Health concluded, that in 2020 “bed occupancy fell to an all-time low of 67.3% (and 68.6% in the intensive care units). This already takes into account the care of the COVID-19 patients, for whose inpatient care on an annual average… 2% of all beds and just under 4% of the intensive care beds were required.” According to the German Divi-Intensiveregister, ICU utilization has remained well below 100% at any time during the last 20 months.

The analysis of Prof. Ioannidis and others shows, that Covid mortality increases disproportionately with age and mirrors the natural mortality curve. This is shown in the below graph published by the BBC.

Age dependence of Covid fatalities was well-known early in the pandemic and should have guided public health decisions. Considering the very low IFR of children and teenagers, it is unacceptable that schools all over the world were closed for extended periods, depriving  students, especially those from low-income families, of their right to education.

The IFRs of those of working age are still comparatively low. Shutting down businesses and confining people to their homes was never justified by the known risk. Only those with an elevated chance of falling severely sick with Covid (e.g., the obese), should have stayed at home. Compensating this group for lost income with government transfer payments would have been a lot cheaper and much less disruptive than closing down large parts of the economy.

The elderly have high risk from Covid. For them focused protection should have been the preferred policy response. The argument put forward by some, that the young and healthy have to sacrifice their lives to ‘protect’ the old, is not convincing. First, as the elderly still died in huge numbers, harsh lockdowns did not work as intended for the vulnerable. Second, did anyone ask the elderly, whether they are fine ruining the lives of their children and grandchildren? Most probably are not. And those who don’t care about the young generation, act utterly selfish and hardly deserve our sympathy. Nobody forces them to go out and meet younger people.

Covid can cause severe disease and death. To ignore it would be a grave mistake. However, Covid is only a disease of moderate danger to society. For most people, the risk of dying from Covid is much lower than dying from other diseases or accidents. To focus all government attention on a single disease is a mistake, to exclusively focus it on a disease with a moderate risk profile such as Covid is sheer lunacy.

It needs to be pointed out, that Covid mortality can be reduced significantly, if – contrary to the prevailing standard – early treatment with cheap and available medicines is provided. We will cover this topic further below. However, there remains the risk, that mass vaccinations with ‘leaky’ vaccines can result in the emergence of a new vaccine-induced variant, that is not only highly contagious, but also kills the young and healthy. In this case, not the virus should be blamed, but irresponsible mass vaccinations initiated by politicians and health authorities who should know better.


Our immune system protects us

At the beginning of the ‘pandemic’, we were informed that SARS-CoV-2 was a ‘novel’ coronavirus. The message implied, that humans were unprotected and fully at the mercy of the virus. If this was correct, we would not have 4.8 million Covid casualties, but probably hundreds of millions or even billions of deaths.

Doctors 4 Covid Ethics write: “The SARS-CoV-2 virus responsible for COVID-19 is not truly new to our immune systems … As SARS-Cov-2 is of the coronavirus family, this indicates that we possess lasting cross-immunity from previous exposure to other coronaviruses, such as common cold coronaviruses, which are in wide circulation globally. Simply put, almost anyone who is fundamentally healthy—or ‘immunocompetent’—is naturally sufficiently protected against COVID-19.”

The existence of cross immunity is confirmed by many papers. An overview is provided here. Such immunity does not necessarily mean, that people don’t get sick, but at least it reduces the severity of the illness.

Apart from cross immunity, there is also immunity from previous infection with Covid. Several studies conclude, that the recovered have strong protection against reinfection (here, here, here and here). Natural immunity is also thought to last longer than vaccine-induced protection (here, here, and here). Some research also finds, that vaccines provide no benefits to those with previous infection (here).

Most health authorities completely ignore the existence of cross immunity and accept immunity from previous infection only for a few months if at all. Eventually vaccination is required to lead a somewhat normal life, even if natural immunity with much better protection still exists. It is obvious that vaccination is the primary objective, not public health.

Protection provided by our immune system can wane over time. Exposure to new challenges keeps it alert and allows us to deal with future challenges. Social diversity, i.e., regularly meeting many different people, reduces the risk of infection. On the other hand, lack of exercise, insufficient exposure to sunlight, stress, fear, and an unhealthy diet weaken the immune system.

By suppressing interaction between healthy people, forcing them to wear masks that might contain toxic materials, confining them to their homes, creating fear and applying constant psychological pressure, health authorities have done exactly the opposite of what they should be doing. They have not only increased our risk of a severe Covid disease, they have also increased our risk with regard to many other diseases. Nowadays, ‘health authorities’ should better call themselves ‘disease authorities’.

Available medicine reduces the risk of severe Covid

To prevent infection, the WHO advises us to get vaccinated, stay at least 1 meter apart from others, and wear a properly fitted mask when physical distancing is not possible.

We have already mentioned, that obesity is a main risk for severe Covid. But the WHO does not recommend to exercise, eat carefully and shed excessive weight. It also does not suggest to measure the blood level of Vitamin D3, Vitamin C and Zinc, and take supplements if the level is too low, as many studies suggest. And there is no word about simple measures such as regular gargling and nasal cleaning, which are recommended by many doctors. Anyway, this advice comes directly from the WHO, and only they know what is good for us.

Early treatment for people with a positive Covid test is not supported by the WHO. On the contrary, in December 2020 the WHO issued a strong recommendation against hydroxychloroquine, and in March 2021 a recommendation not to use ivermectin except in the context of a clinical trial.

This caused a lot of controversy, as early multidrug treatment had been successful around the world. A 2020 paper stated: Prompt early initiation of sequenced multidrug therapy (SMDT) is a widely and currently available solution to stem the tide of hospitalizations and death …… No single therapeutic option thus far has been entirely effective and therefore a combination is required at this time. Among other drugs, the doctors recommended hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.

Many studies support the use of these repurposed drugs, that were originally developed to cure other diseases. Overviews are provided here and here for hydroxychloroquine, and here and here for ivermectin. By prescribing them, doctors around the world and especially in developing countries have been very successful in preventing hospitalization and death. Nevertheless, a vicious campaign to discredit both drugs, has been launched.

Global trials for hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) were stopped, after a devastating assessment appeared in the Lancet, a leading medical journal. Later, the respective paper had to be retracted, after the input data was found to be inconsistent at best and possibly fabricated. But at that time the damage was done and no attempts were made to rehabilitate the drug.

The campaign against ivermectin aims to disparage the drug as a dangerous and even lethal ‘horse dewormer’. One of the lowest levels of journalism was reached, when Rolling Stone magazine published a fabricated story under the headline: Gunshot victims left waiting as horse dewormer overdoses overwhelm Oklahoma hospitals”. The U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA) boosted its scientific credentials, when it tweeted on Twitter : “You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it.”

Ivermectin is indeed used to treat animals, as are many other drugs regularly used to cure humans. The FDA and all scientists opposing the use of ivermectin are fully aware, that in 2015 William Campbell and Satoshi Omura received the Nobel Price for discovering the drug. The official press release stated: “The importance of Ivermectin for improving the health and wellbeing of millions of individuals with River Blindness and Lymphatic Filariasis, primarily in the poorest regions of the world, is immeasurable. Treatment is so successful that these diseases are on the verge of eradication, which would be a major feat in the medical history of humankind.”

Contrary to what is being written in the media and claimed by health authorities with their own agenda, ivermectin has an excellent safety profile. Even if it did not prevent or cure Covid, at least it would – unlike the vaccines – not cause any damage.

Some time ago, Western media were flooded with reports of people in India dying on the street because of Covid. By now, coverage of India in the mass media has mostly disappeared. Why? Are people not dying on the streets anymore? They still are, as they have over the past hundreds of years. But Covid is not the main reason. Even though only 16% of the Indian population is fully vaccinated, Covid infections and deaths are at a level well below that of the EU and the USA. There is evidence, that the use of ivermectin in many provinces has been a main contributor to this. At the same time, cases soared in regions, that focused only on vaccination.

Africa is another example. Despite its young population, poor healthcare systems should have led to a large number of Covid deaths. Fortunately, this does not show in the official data of countries, that have used ivermectin. A research paper concluded: ”The community-directed onchocerciasis treatment with ivermectin is the most reasonable explanation for the decrease in morbidity and fatality rate in Africa. In areas where ivermectin is distributed to and used by the entire population, it leads to a significant reduction in mortality.” Similar results have occurred in several Latin American countries.

Some countries distribute so-called Covid-kits to the population, that contain a variety of inexpensive drugs. It seems that they have been successful. An example of such a kit from India at a price of $2.65 is shown below.

Health authorities in many Western countries impede early treatment and some hospitals have even prohibited their doctors from prescribing ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine to hospitalized patients. In some cases, courts had to force them to administer alternative drugs.

Do you wonder, why medical authorities and the medical industry in the West have embarked on a war against treatment with effective, but not officially authorized, drugs? There are two simple reasons. First, the experimental Covid vaccines could only get temporary approval from the authorities, if no alternative treatment was available. Drugs, that can prevent and cure Covid, offered an alternative and therefore had to be neutralized. Second, as patents on ivermectin and other medicines have expired, they can be produced everywhere around the world and sold at very low prices. Imagine the effect on the P&L of some pharmaceutical companies, if people opted for alternative treatment instead of the vaccine.

There is growing opposition from doctors against governments and big businesses interfering with the treatment of patients. More than 10,000 physicians and medical scientists worldwide have already signed the Rome Declaration, which states among others:

Thousands of physicians are being prevented from providing treatment to their patients, as a result of barriers put up by pharmacies, hospitals, and public health agencies, rendering the vast majority of healthcare providers helpless to protect their patients in the face of disease. Physicians are now advising their patients to simply go home (allowing the virus to replicate) and return when their disease worsens, resulting in hundreds of thousands of unnecessary patient deaths, due to failure-to-treat …. this is not medicine. This is not care. These policies may actually constitute crimes against humanity.

Political intrusion into the practice of medicine and the physician/patient relationship must end. Physicians, and all health care providers, must be free to practice the art and science of medicine without fear of retribution, censorship, slander, or disciplinary action, including possible loss of licensure and hospital privileges, loss of insurance contracts and interference from government entities and organizations – which further prevent us from caring for patients in need. More than ever, the right and ability to exchange objective scientific findings, which further our understanding of disease, must be protected.”

It is worthwhile watching the video of the San Juan panel discussion, in which signatories of the Rome Declaration participated.

The website Early Covid Care Experts  contains guidance for both outpatient and inpatient treatment targeted at clinicians. This is not a recommendation from us, as we lack the expertise to evaluate medical treatments. We also strongly advise against self-medication. However, it might be worth to discuss the various options with a trusted physician, in case that you get sick. If your doctor declines to discuss this topic with you, it might be a good idea to look for another physician, who is not employed as sales representative by the pharmaceutical industry.


Most official data is of poor quality or intentionally misleading

Our reasoning in the two previous blogs was based on official data from governments and health authorities. Do we trust this data? Not at all.

Almost all Covid reporting relies on the polymerase-chain-reaction test, or PCR test, that has been hailed as the ‘gold standard’ for Covid testing. It was first proposed in a January 2020 paper by German virologist Prof. Drosten and others. Since then, many scientists have come forward questioning the validity of the paper. In November 2020 an external peer review was published claiming “10 major scientific flaws” and asking for retraction. Nothing has happened since then and the test is still being used around the world.

The PCR test was invented by Dr. Mullis, who in 1993 received a Nobel Prize in chemistry for it. Dr. Mullis stressed that “with PCR, if you do it well, you can find almost anything in anybody …. PCR … doesn’t tell you that you are sick, or that the thing that you ended up with was going to hurt you.”

PCR tests are not stable and results for the same person can vary. They are also not standardized among laboratories. If you send your samples to several laboratories, you can get different results. Especially the number of PCR cycles, or Ct value, after which a sample is deemed either positive or negative, is highly controversial. A low Ct value is indicative of a high virus load and potential infectiousness. On the other hand, a high Ct value usually means, that the tested person is very unlikely to shed any virus and might not even be infected. Prof. Drosten proposed 45 cycles, but most scientists recommend not to carry out more than 35 cycles. Some even propose to end at 25 cycles. Still many laboratories use 37, 40 or even 45 cycles.

The WHO is aware of the inaccuracy of the PCR test and has recommended in a January 2021 notice, that if a person testing positive appears not to be sick, a second test should be carried out and the Ct value should be submitted to the requesting health care provider as part of the test result.

That the PCR test is not the gold standard is indirectly admitted by the recent announcement of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), that it will replace the PCR test at the beginning of next year.

Health authorities and hospitals have several options to inflate Covid numbers. They can urge test laboratories to use high Ct values or use laboratories that are known to use high cycles. In addition, if testing is intensified among the unvaccinated, it is easy to ‘prove’ that there is a pandemic of the unvaccinated.

Death numbers are also subject to manipulation. Many countries count everyone as a Covid death, who dies within a certain period following a positive PCR test. For instance, in its technical briefings, Public Health England (PHE) defines a Covid death as a death ‘within 28 days of positive specimen date.” This is tantamount to calling everyone a vaccine death, who dies within 28 days of being vaccinated.

In some countries, a positive test might not even be required, instead “Covid-like symptoms” suffice. Obviously, it does not matter, whether a person died from Covid, with Covid (e.g., from cancer or a road accident with Covid present, but not causative) or without Covid (e.g., if the positive test result was false).

Public authorities often apply double standards, when reporting about the unvaccinated compared to the vaccinated. To be included in the weekly situation report as a “probable” vaccine breakthrough, The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in Germany requires that at least 2 weeks have passed since the final dose, and that a positive test is accompanied by clinical symptoms, though it is nowhere defined, what those symptoms are.

Following the RKI definition, a vaccinated patient, who tests positive 13 days after the 2nd dose with severe symptoms, is not classified as a breakthrough case. On the other hand, a completely healthy unvaccinated individual with a positive test result is reported as a confirmed (not probable) Covid case. It is unclear where RKI includes the unrecognized breakthrough cases, especially if they die. Are they just omitted or counted as unvaccinated Covid deaths? Additional information from the RKI is certainly needed.

The U.S. CDC also applies double standards. Similar to the German RKI, it only considers breakthrough cases with specimen collected from a person ≥14 days after completion of all recommended doses of a vaccine. Additionally, it requires a PCR test with a Ct value ≤28. In contrast, the unvaccinated are counted as Covid ‘patients’ after any positive PCR test, even if the Ct value is 40 or higher.

With regard to adverse vaccine events, we have already pointed out in our previous blog, that many events are probably never reported, as each report causes a lot of work and filing it is often actively discouraged. Furthermore, many health authorities seem not to be eager, to investigate suspected deaths. Without proper post mortems and potentially autopsies, we will never know, how many people have really died from Covid vaccines

Government authorities are subject to heavy lobbying from pharmaceutical companies and private organizations, such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which conveniently is the Top 2 donor of the WHO. With hundreds of highly-paid lobbyists working the backrooms of Washington, Ottawa, Brussels, London and Canberra, Covid reporting and health decisions are certainly influenced (if not dictated) by special interest groups.

In summary, existing data is unreliable and often political in nature. It only serves to support the official narrative, but can’t be relied on in search for the truth. There is ample evidence, that Covid cases and deaths are overreported, while breakthrough infections and vaccine adverse events are underreported.


There is insufficient information for a proper risk-benefit analysis

We have established, that vaccines are neither safe nor fully effective. This does not necessarily mean, that nobody should take them. For certain groups in the population, they might still make sense based on an in-depth risk-benefit analysis.

Such an analysis, that should be conducted together with a trusted medical doctor, would involve the following steps:

  1. Check whether you have natural immunity from a previous Covid infection or cross-immunity. There are several medical tests that can be used, and if they confirm natural immunity, there is no need to get vaccinated
  2. Evaluate your Individual risk of contracting Covid. Even with the Delta variant, not everybody is likely to be infected in a given year. A sales person who travels all over the world and likes to socialize in bars and night clubs has a much higher risk of contracting the disease than someone, who works from home and doesn’t go out often
  3. Evaluate your individual Covid risk. If you are retired, overweight or obese, and have several severe medical conditions, your risk of a severe Covid is high. If you are a healthy teenager, your respective risk is close to zero
  4. Consider the risk-benefit profile of the various vaccine products and compare them with the risk-benefits of alternative medicines. This is the most difficult part, as existing data and research is insufficient

Such an evaluation process is very different from the procedure applied by most governments. They just send everyone – including children, pregnant women and people who have recovered from Covid – to a vaccination center, where no questions are allowed to be asked.

Do doctors have enough reliable data and research to carry out a robust risk-benefit analysis? Above we have already explained, why official data on Covid and vaccine deaths can’t be trusted. The same applies to scientific research. There has been no truly independent analysis of vaccine safety and efficacy. Clinical trials ‘proving’ their benefits have been carried out exclusively by the pharmaceutical industry. Critical event committees, data safety monitoring boards and ethics committees composed of independent and impartial scientists were conspicuous by absence.

Despite of what regulatory authorities claim, state oversight was clearly lacking, as the vaccines could otherwise not have been approved in record time. And when participants of the placebo groups were offered the jab, it became obvious, that neither the industry nor health authorities had any real interest in long-term safety data.

Scientists who do not support the official narrative are vigorously attacked and vilified in the media, excluded from meetings and conferences, sacked from committees, and some even lose their jobs.

That something is clearly wrong was well described in two articles, written by professors from Harvard and Stanford, who certainly know, what is going on in the scientific community: “One of the Lockdowns’ greatest casualties could be science” by Profs. Kulldorf/Bhattacharya, and “How the pandemic is changing the norms of science” by Prof. Ioannidis.

With regard to vaccines, there seem to be two major camps among scientists. The largest group supports the official narrative of governments, Big Pharma, and private organizations, such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation or GAVI – The Vaccine Alliance. The other much smaller group is vehemently opposed to experimental vaccines. Both camps don’t engage in scientific discourse, but prefer to stick to themselves. An invigorating exchange of opposing views has been replaced by intellectual inbreeding.  

Without valid data and access to true scientific findings, it is impossible to conduct a proper risk-benefit analysis for most groups of people. Whether the elderly and high-risk individuals of working age should be vaccinated is uncertain. There is strong evidence in favor and against it, and we probably will only know in a few years if ever, whether inoculation was the best choice. The vaccine case for healthy people of working age is questionable in view of adverse events and the availability of other medical treatment options.

Only for two groups it is probably safe to make a clear statement. Based on their low Covid risk, but known short-term and unknown long-term risk from the vaccination, giving children and teenagers the jab appears to be irresponsible. Considering the many uncertainties, pregnant women should also not be vaccinated.

Rampant propaganda and coercion

Though drug promotion is not new, the Covid ‘pandemic’ has elevated it to a new level. In the past, pharmaceutical companies and private ‘charity’ foundations promoted medical products through the media, provided that this was legal, placed paid-for articles in scientific journals and invited doctors to sumptuous, all-expenses-paid conferences. Nowadays, governments have become the biggest vaccine promoters.

They spend a lot of tax money to advertise vaccination in the media and in some countries even organize visits by well-trained personnel to private homes. Most arguments used are neither based on sound scientific research, nor on data compiled by their own health authorities. Vaccines are described as ‘safe and effective’ and getting the shot is promoted as a social responsibility.

Big Pharma, private organizations, and governments use techniques traditionally associated with the propaganda of totalitarian regimes. At the beginning, the aim was to instill fear into the population. Shocking pictures from hospitals in Wuhan, Lombardy and New York, constant repetition of the soaring number of PCR positives (of which the majority was asymptomatic or very mildly symptomatic), as well as promotion of faulty scientific models predicting millions of deaths within a short time, served this purpose. Mandatory mask wearing and lockdowns were implemented, to make the population feel threatened and powerless.

A few months ago, the propaganda campaign added another evil element to their propaganda. By calling the unvaccinated “they” and introducing unjustified slogans such as “pandemic of the unvaccinated’, the new campaign aimed at creating hatred and dividing the population into good/social (=vaccinated) and bad/selfish (=unvaccinated) people.

A classic example of Covid propaganda is President Biden’s tweet on Twitter: “We are going to protect the vaccinated workers from unvaccinated coworkers.” 

From a logical point of view, the tweet is hardly convincing. If the Covid vaccines work, no vaccinated person should ever be worried about unvaccinated people. If the Covid vaccines don’t work, why should governments force unvaccinated people to get jabbed at the risk of grave injury or even death, and with the prospect of getting limited protection?

Apart from legal and ethical considerations, the statement might at least be partially justifiable, if vaccinated people could not transmit the virus, and vaccination of a large part of the population would create herd immunity. However, as the leaders of the relevant U.S. health authorities know very well, both does not apply.

It is also hardly convincing to state first, that the president’s job is to “protect all Americans”, and then add, that “we’re going to protect vaccinated workers from unvaccinated coworkers”.

After being fear-mongered and brainwashed for the past 1½ years, many people don’t realize such obvious contradictions. On the contrary, if tomorrow someone declared a ‘total war’ against the vaccinated, they would probably cheer with utter delight.

A lot of people fail to realize, that politicians have deceived them repeatedly over the past 20 months. “14-days to flatten the curve”. “Vaccines prevent infection”. “Current restrictions will end, once every citizen has been offered the vaccine”. “Vaccines prevent severe disease and death”. “There will be no vaccine mandates”. The list can be extended almost indefinitely.

The greatest disappointment of the ‘Covid pandemic’ has been, how easily even well-educated people can be fooled. Critics of excessive government measures are labeled ‘conspiracy theorists’ or ‘rightwing extremists’, even though most of their predictions have come true. At the same time, politicians and political parties are forgiven their numerous lies and are even returned to power, as recent election results from Canada and Germany show.

Without the ample support of the media, this would not be possible. We have demonstrated in another blog, how opposing views are suppressed by the press and the leading social media platforms. The big media groups, that are controlled by a small group of billionaires and rely on paid advertisement from big corporations, spread the official narrative, while opposing facts and views are either disparaged or banned. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and others remove critical posts or delete the respective accounts, once they get too many followers, even if the owner is a well-known scientist.

For thousands of years, the world has lived without professional fact checkers. But nowadays their activities have taken over the internet. Admittedly, a lot of Covid related ‘news’ is of questionable quality or outright fake. Responsible for this are not just pharmaceutical companies and alleged charities, but also many anti-vaccine and anti-establishment groups. Irrespectively, it is unacceptable, that self-appointed fact checkers, that are usually financed by big business, billionaire-sponsored foundations and governments, now decide, what is ‘true’ and what is ‘fake’.

Despite all the propaganda, not everyone could be convinced to take the jab. Consequently, indirect coercive measures had to be applied. At the beginning, not being vaccinated meant permanent testing. Then countries started to allow activities only for the vaccinated and those who had recovered from Covid. Now we are seeing, that even natural immunity doesn’t count anymore.

As there are still people, who don’t want to get vaccinated, the focus has shifted from indirect to direct coercion. If you are a healthcare worker or a teacher, you must get vaccinated. If you work for a big company, you must get vaccinated. If you want to retain sick leave payment, when you have to self-quarantine because you were close to a Covid case, you must get vaccinated. Measures differ by country, but the message is clear. If you don’t get the shot, you lose most of your rights and are delegated to pariah status in society.

Even those, who are already fully vaccinated, can’t feel safe. As vaccine effectiveness is waning, booster shots will become mandatory. And one additional shot won’t do. Expect to get a booster shots every 6 months. Israel, that has always been ahead of the world as far as vaccination policies are concerned, leads the way.

Do politicians believe in their own propaganda? Most don’t. Plenty of cases have been reported, where politicians contravened their own mask and lockdown mandates. A great example for the hypocrisy of the ruling class was this years’ G7 summit in Cornwall. As the pictures below show, nobody – including the Queen of England, who due to her age is certainly a high-risk person – followed social distance mandates, except during the official photo session. And only the plebs …. sorry we mean the waiters …. had to wear a mask.

Do you believe that all politicians, pharma CEOs and billionaire philanthropists have taken the vaccine? There are (still) a few posts on social media that question it, like the one below about Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison. We have no clue about vaccination equipment and also can image, that the real inoculation took place somewhere else, as no government media advisor wants a prime minister fainting on TV immediately after vaccination. But doubts remain.

We would not be surprised, if many powerful people did not take the jab. After all, nobody will ask them for their vaccine passport, when they enter a private jet or a gala dinner. And in case that someone actually does, the right amount of money will purchase any vaccine passport, even a digital one.

Propaganda and coercion have been used throughout history. But this is the first time, that such measures are implemented on a global scale. There is no question, that activities are steered centrally, as key messages and key measures are similar or even identical throughout the world.


How will it end?

SARS-CoV-2 is a moderately dangerous virus, to which many people have cross immunity from previous exposure to a coronavirus or newly acquired immunity from previous infection. Covid-19, the disease that is caused by SARS-CoV-2, can be treated with cheap and readily available medicine.

Nevertheless, people are increasingly forced to get jabbed, even though current Covid vaccines are not safe, can’t prevent infections, transmission and death, and don’t contribute to herd immunity. At the worst, vaccines might increase the severity of a Covid disease and give rise to variants, that are more contagious and lethal.

Whether to get the vaccine or not, should be a personal decision. As there is individual risk involved, and a benefit for the population as a whole doesn’t exist, no political interference should be allowed. The reality looks very different. Never in the history of mankind have healthy people been vilified, deprived of basic human rights and delegated to pariah status.

Governments and health authorities, who enforce mass vaccinations and use vaccine passports as a totalitarian tool to enforce compliance, are committing crimes against humanity. Neither should have a place in a democratic society. But intensive propaganda has caused many people to accept, that the authorities are constantly violating ethical standards, human rights and constitutional law at a scale not seen in Western nations since the end of WW2.

With a few notable exceptions, the judiciary has not objected. It either did not act at all, prolonged important decisions, or issued judgements in favor of the authorities, that independent legal experts found highly dubious, if not incompatible with existing laws and regulations. A consolidation of institutional powers (“Gleichschaltung”) has taken place, and courts, including constitutional courts, don’t function as they should.

Despite solid evidence, that mass vaccinations lack scientific justification and are potentially dangerous to mankind, politicians are eager – in some cases even obsessed – to implement them. The question is why? We think that there are six possible explanations:

Explanation 1: Politicians really believe that they are doing the right thing

Based on all the evidence provided, we doubt that this explanation applies to most politicians. However, we can’t rule out, that some are intentionally fed wrong information by advisors with their own agenda. Such politicians should never be reelected, as they are incompetent.

Explanation 2: The allure of absolute power

Quite a few politicians might have selected their profession to wield power on everyone else. Lockdown and mask mandates were just the appetizer. Exerting power over other people’s body will provide the ultimate pleasure. Does that sound creepy? For sure it does. But look at some of the ‘rulers’ who are currently in control of Western countries. We can’t rule out, that they belong into this ‘category’. A look at history reveals, that it would not be the first time.

Explanation 3: There is a lot of money involved

Covid is also a disease, but above all it has been a money-making machine. Not for those who lost their jobs, or for the average employee, and not even for most middle-class entrepreneurs. But the wealth of billionaires and their cronies has soared.
Mass vaccination offers amazing profit opportunities to the pharmaceutical industry. Thanks to governments mandates, vaccine manufacturers have guaranteed demand. At the same time there is zero risk for them, as the contracts signed with nations around the world exempt them from any legal liability (check here, here and here). Adverse vaccine events are not a challenge but an opportunity, as they require follow-up treatment, of which all pharma companies will profit.
Though we have no proof of it, we would not be surprised, if quite a few politicians and leaders of public health agencies owned stocks or stock options of vaccine companies either directly, or through shell companies and foundations in tax havens. Perhaps they were also able to buy real estate or other assets at miraculously low prices. There are many ways to transfer wealth. And those who haven’t received any benefits so far, might soon end up on the managing boards and supervisory committees of large pharmaceuticals or related companies. It has happened before and it will happen again in the future.

Explanation 4: Carrots and Sticks

Pharmaceutical companies, corporate interest groups, private ‘charity’ organizations and ‘philanthropist’ billionaires, control the main media and, through thousands of lobbyists, most politicians. If you don’t believe it, do your own research on the powers, that Big Pharma, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller foundation, the World Economic Forum (WEF) and others already wield. They can create political careers and they can destroy them. Politicians who oblige, will receive large donations for the next election campaign and receive free endorsements in the media. Those who oppose them, will face a lack of funding and well-coordinated personal and political attacks in the media.

Explanation 5: The control group must be eliminated

Politicians and leaders of health authorities have probably realized by now, that current vaccines are a lot more dangerous than originally thought. As vaccine manufacturers can’t be held legally responsible due to the existing contracts, they must fear for their own future. To get everyone vaccinated is the best way to avoid civil and criminal litigation. If there is no control group, there is no proof, that a surge in cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, infertility, etc. has been caused by mass vaccination.

Apart from possible litigation, there is another compelling reason, why the control group must be eliminated: to prove the success of the vaccines. Thanks to the abused PCR test, authorities know that they can create an arbitrary number of positive Covid cases. The U.S. CDC has already announced that they will replace the test at the beginning of next year and others will follow. By then, the large majority of the population will be fully vaccinated. With the new test it is going to be easy, to reduce the number of new Covid cases to a very low level. If necessary, incoming patients can be reclassified as being sick from other diseases. Politicians can then claim, that the vaccines have defeated dreadful Covid, and that they themselves are the saviors of the universe, as they devised highly effective mass vaccination and Covid passport policies. To ensure a similar success with regard to other illnesses, mass vaccination documented by electronic certificates will be rolled out to other diseases. Pharmaceutical companies will be delighted, as this ensures permanent demand on a much larger scale.

Explanation 6: There is a hidden agenda

Many posts in the alternative media claim, that the main objective of mass vaccination is to control the population. Special substances can be added to future booster shots, to make the population compliant and subordinate. Authorities might have a good reason to aim for this. Over the past decade, global debt has exploded to unsustainable levels, while wealth and income inequality has soared. Such a system is not sustainable and we already see the first cracks appearing everywhere. What will happen, once large parts of the population realize, that inflation soars, real salaries decline, unemployment rises, and government pension and private insurance policies lose most of their value? If the elites cannot control the population, revolution will follow. Vaccine passports together with Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC), that are currently being developed, will enable total control of the population. People who are not obedient, won’t be allowed to go anywhere and their cash holdings will be deleted.

Some people contend, that vaccines are also a tool to reduce world population by the millions or even billions. If their allegation was true, we would face genocide at a scale, that the world has never seen. Based on events of the past 1½ years and some statements from billionaires captured on video, we can’t rule out, that such claims are completely unsubstantiated. History has been Witness to a lot of psychopaths among leaders of nations and large conglomerates. There is no reason, why they shouldn’t exist today.

There might be other explanations, but these are the ones most likely. Except for explanation 1, all indicate moral depravity. Considering the current behavior of many politicians, we would not be surprised, if several of the explanations above applied to them.

Those who get all information from the established media and Facebook probably think, that everything is fine. But if you also use alternative news sources, you will have realized, that something is fundamentally wrong in most Western societies. SWAT teams with the latest military equipment are attacking senior citizens, because they don’t comply with lockdown and mask mandates. Private houses and apartments are searched without warrants. And peaceful protests are ended with the use of rubber bullets.

Australia is one of the worst examples. It has implemented all the measures mentioned above and also built so-called ‘quarantine centers’, that can easily be converted into concentration camps, once the authorities decide so. How could a lively democracy degenerate to a totalitarian state within a very short time?

A lot of people think, that present violations of human rights and democratic principles are only temporary. We disagree. Respective activities have started well before the emergence of Covid. The virus was only used as a welcome excuse to intensify and accelerate control measures.

Many are also convinced, that it can’t get much worse. They are the same, who just two years ago could never have imagined, that today’s gross violations or human rights and the ostracization of healthy and decent people could ever happen in ‘civilized’ Western democracies. Take a look at the website of the World Economic Forum (WEF) or publications from various ‘charity’ foundations, to get an idea, what the elites have planned for us. It is definitely not yet over.

Perhaps the Covid hysteria will end next year, but ‘climate change’, ‘cyber threat’ and similar agendas are already being prepared, to remove the last remnants of personal freedom and privacy from us. You have been warned.

It does not matter, whether you are unvaccinated, partially vaccinated, or fully vaccinated with all required booster shots. This is not about the vaccine or even health. This is about human rights, and whether you want to live as a free citizen or a slave.

If we don’t stop it now, those in power are likely to transform us into vaccine junkies, who need a booster shot every few months. In this case, we will be fully dependent on our dealers, which conveniently will be governments and pharmaceutical companies. They will determine our lives and they will decide, what sedative, addictive, gene changing and potentially toxic substances are added to the mandatory booster shots. Is this the world that you envisage for your family and yourself? 

Humanity is at a crossroads. People who support the totalitarian agenda such as many doctors, health officers, judges, policemen, journalists, fact checkers, or low-level politician, should do some meticulous soul searching. Does security and a good income compensate for a life of submission? Are the rewards sufficient to justify complicity in crimes against humanity? Those who decide yes, deserve our full contempt. And those who look the other way, because they are afraid, act more as accomplices than victims.

If you favor democracy, separation of powers and human rights, you have a moral responsibility to defend your ideals, for yourself, your family, the weak in society, and future generations. Get yourself up-to-date and share new information with family, friends, colleagues and social media contacts. Participate in peaceful demonstrations and work protests. Support organizations, that promote the return to humanitarian values and the rule of law. Think of other peaceful and legal ways, in which you can make a difference.

There is only a short time window left, to prevent the world from sliding into totalitarianism and serfdom. If you don’t act now, you and your children might never get back a life worth living.

Those who think, that they are safe, because they took the latest booster shot or act as henchmen for psychopaths with money and power, need to consider the following quote from Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German Lutheran pastor, who was hanged by the Nazis in concentration camp Flossenbürg in 1945:

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