If you assume, that this blog is about the adequacy of lockdowns, mask mandates and compulsory vaccination, you are mistaken. Those topics are important today, but prevent us from seeing the big picture. Covid is not the main threat. What every citizen should be scared of, is the transformation of previous democracies into totalitarian regimes.

These days politicians and the media talk about a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” and promote inoculation of the whole population as the only means, to end the crisis. Do you really believe, that once 100% of the population has been fully vaccinated, all remaining restrictions will be lifted, the economy will flourish, and life will be better than ever before?

There is plenty of hard evidence, that a tiny group of people – the self-appointed ‘elite’ – is determined to control the population. There are some well-known public figures such as Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab from the World Economic Forum (WEF), who represent this movement to the outside world. Others work behind the scenes and it is unclear, who really pulls the strings.

Their motives are not fully understood. Most seem to have an excessive desire for money and power. Some might embrace concepts of transhumanism, eugenics or population reduction. What unites them is their shared conviction, that the general population is dumb and it is only them, who know what it best for humanity.

Before you call us rightwing conspiracy theorists for stating the above, please note that their agenda is well-documented in white papers of Think Tanks and ‘charities’, as well as official statements from politicians, central bankers, and billionaire ‘philanthropists’. They despise us so much, that they are openly bragging about their plans.

Initiatives to curtail our freedom did not start with Covid. In the preceding two decades, various laws and regulations were passed in all Western democracies curbing personal freedom. The official explanation was, that it was necessary to ‘protect’ society from terrorists, criminals, pedophiles, foreign spies and other bad actors. As this seemed to be a good cause, people agreed.

Governments have used Covid as a welcome excuse, to tighten their grip on power. They have constantly bombarded us with propaganda aiming to instill fear and divide society. More and more restrictive regulations have been decreed to assess, how easily the population can be fooled, and what kind of draconian measures can be implemented without triggering large resistance.

The new world order envisioned by the global elite consists of systems for physical control, financial control, and mental control, that are all directed by a dystopian Citizen Evaluation System (CES)

Physical control

It started with masks. We were told, that to use public transportation or enter a meeting, we would have to wear a mask. Later they started to implement access restrictions based on our ‘health’ status. At the beginning we could enter most locations, if we showed proof of vaccination, recovery from Covid or a recent negative Covid test. Increasingly, a negative test doesn’t count anymore, and in a few months a documented Covid recovery will cease to grant ‘special’ privileges. Even those, who have not gotten the latest booster shot, will soon be rejected.

It doesn’t matter, whether in your opinion masks and vaccines help to reduce the risk of Covid. Whether they do or not is irrelevant. Both are carefully designed methods to get you used to physical control.

While some countries talk about vaccine passports or health passports, Israel is more honest about it by naming it the Green Pass. If your status is green, you are allowed to enter and participate in an activity, if not, you are out. The criteria determining your status will be expanded. In the not-too distant future, health-related requirements will be of minor importance. Instead, criticism of the government or multinational corporations will result in denied access to airports, railway stations, public busses, offices, schools, universities, restaurants, bars and supermarkets.

Denying you access to public venues has two objectives. First it prevents you from communicating with other people and spreading anti-establishment ideas among the population. Second, it isolates you, causing tremendous psychological pressure, especially if the same treatment is accorded to your family.

Having to show a QR code on your smartphone to gain access is only a first step. New technologies are being developed and implemented to ensure a ‘seamless’ surveillance state. Nanochips inserted under your skin will make you recognizable everywhere you go. Instead of QR-code readers, ‘scanning’ will be done by invisible sensors. You will only find out, that you have trespassed your authorization level, when armored guards – or in the future robots – take you in.

Once global detection by satellite has become reality, which won’t take too long, there will be no location on earth, where you can hide from authorities.

Access restriction is only one – though certainly very important – aspect of physical control. With mandatory mass vaccinations, totalitarian regimes gain ultimate control over your body. They can decide, whether sedative, addictive, gene changing and potentially toxic substances are added to the mandatory booster shots.

Your friendly regime might even decide to administer three different versions of the vaccine. Type A, consisting of a saline solution, will be reserved for the elite and their henchmen. Type B will contain substances to make all recipients more submissive. Finally, Type C will be toxic. If it is chosen for you, your worldly pains will soon cease to exist. Once you hand over bodily autonomy to your government, everything is possible.

Financial control

Nowadays it is still possible to enter a shop and pay anonymously with cash. But the days of cash are numbered. Central banks around the world are working with high pressure on the introduction of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

Most people think, that a CBDC is just a digital version of cash, that is urgently needed to modernize our monetary system. Nothing could be further from the truth. For the first time in history, CBDCs will allow a small group of unelected officials to control all your monetary transactions. 

If you think that this is nonsense, please listen to Agustín Carstens, General Manager of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), which is also called the ‘central bank of central banks’. On 19 October 2020 he stated:

“Our analysis on CBDC, in particular for the general use, we tend to establish the equivalence with cash. And there is a huge difference there. For example, in cash we don’t know for example who is using a 100-dollar bill today, we don’t know who is using a 1,000-peso bill today. A key difference with the CBCD is, that central banks will have absolute control of the rules and regulations that will determine the use of that expression of central bank liability and also, we will have the technology to enforce that. Those two issues are extremely important and that makes a huge difference with respect to what cash is.”


The words “absolute control” should make you highly suspicious. In case you haven’t grasped the full meaning of it, please allow us to give you a few ideas about our future, once the CBDC system is fully implemented.

There will be no more anonymous payments. Currently your bank already knows a lot about you. The same applies to online payment providers such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal or Alipay, and e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, JD, Rakuten or Zalando. But they don’t know everything about you. You can (and should) use several banks, payment providers and e-commerce companies, which makes it much more difficult – though certainly not impossible – to track your spending. And if you want to remain anonymous, you can use good old cash.

CBDCs aim to end this. They want to know all your financial transactions, from the purchase of a coffee to the sale of a house. Nothing will be hidden from their sight. And it won’t stop with just knowing what you are doing. Ultimately, they plan to control your financial transactions.

Buying liquor or an airline ticket will become impossible, once you have used up all your alcohol allowance and carbon credits. Inflation in the economy is rising? No problem, the central bank will simply delete 10% of your account balance. On the other hand, to stimulate the economy, it might credit you with 10,000 currency units, which must be spent within 2 months. If not, the remaining balance will be deleted.    

Excessive money printing and debt accumulation of the past decade have primed the world economy for inflation and recession. Covid measures, which can only be described as the intentional destruction of global supply chains and small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), accelerate this development. While the Super Rich get richer, many members of the middle-class are facing economic hardship. For those of you, who think that they are still doing very well, wait until inflation and increased taxation – which will of course not apply to the Super Rich – will melt away your wealth.

But don’t worry, the global elite is prepared for this, and will graciously grant you a Universal Basic Income (UBI) to be paid in CBCD. If you behave nicely, enough money will flow to cover your most basic needs. If not, UBI will be canceled and your struggle to survive until the next day begins. It goes without saying, that officials from the government and the central bank will ensure, that the whole process is fair and in the best interest of society.

Cryptocurrencies might become the only way to retain some wealth. However, Bitcoin and most other cryptos are not anonymous. They are based on a public blockchain, which records every transaction. The public address(es), that you use, can identify you, especially whenever you exchange crypto for fiat currency. In addition, governments are likely to impose restrictions on the use of cryptocurrencies, tax them excessively or ban them completely. The future will show, whether one or several cryptos will develop into a fully anonymous and widely-used payment solution.


Mental control

Totalitarian regimes are not satisfied with controlling your body and finances. They aim to decide, what information you get and can pass on to others, and their ultimate goal is to determine how you think.

Over the past two years, suppression of free speech in Western countries has reached a level not seen since the end of World War 2. Main street media, that is mostly controlled by authorities and a small number of multi-billionaires, has already forgotten, what journalism is all about. Instead of providing neutral quality reporting, it indoctrinates with the official narrative. High-quality data and research contradicting the official narrative is omitted by the traditional news outlets and suppressed by the algorithms of social media sites.

Politicians of various stripes are calling for the suppression of ‘fake news’ to ‘protect the public’. They don’t provide details on how to distinguish fake news from real news. This is not a surprise, as the past two years have shown, that a lot of ‘fake’ news turns out to be correct, and ‘true’ news later proves to be flawed. But politicians don’t care. For them, everything is fake news, that does not comply with their thinking and evil agenda.

Many critical voices, including leading scientists, have had their social media accounts deleted. But they can still post on some alternative sites and send emails. To ensure that no ‘harmful’ information can be spread to the general public, authorities around the world aim to restrict access to social media and the internet.

Soon you will be asked to provide proof of your ID to join any social media site. If you post something, that is not in the ‘public interest’, you might not only be banned, but also receive a court order. Unlimited access to the internet will become a privilege of the global elite. Everyone else will face at least some restrictions and strong opponents of the government might have their internet access cut completely.

We are fully aware, that the internet is abused by extremist groups and certainly don’t like this. But we stick with Voltaire: I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it (it doesn’t matter whether Voltaire really said or wrote it, it’s just a great quote). Freedom of speech is not only an inalienable human right, but also an indispensable prerequisite for democracy. If we restrict or abolish it, we also revoke human rights and democracy. Those who abuse their right by discrediting or threatening other people, can be tried in – hopefully – independent courts.

Flooding people with propaganda and lies reduces their ability to think clearly (we currently experience this first hand). But it might not be enough to turn everyone into a soulless slave of the elite. However, as we have already pointed out under physical control, this can be achieved by mandatory vaccination. Certain substances in the regular booster shot will ensure, that you become not only submissive, but stop thinking about all topics not approved by the regime. Mental control is complete.

Most of us still have their own will, but authorities around the world are working hard to change this. If they succeed, life as we have known it will be over.


Citizen Evaluation System (CES)

You probably have heard of Social Credit Systems, for instance the one which is currently being implemented in China. Social credit sounds good, doesn’t it? If you devote some of your time to community service, donate regularly to charities and behave nice to other people, you will receive a credit. On the other hand, people who commit traffic offences, start brawls in pubs or steal from their fellow citizens, will get their score reduced. People with a high score have easier access to public facilities and are ranked higher on job searches or dating sites. Isn’t that fair?

Unfortunately, social credit systems have three shortcomings, that prohibit their use in any free society. First, who decides what constitutes a good and a bad deed, and how much credit/debit is accorded to each? Is participating in an anti-government demonstration good or bad? Should regular shopping for an old neighbor have the same social value score as helping to clean up an oil-spilled beach? There is no universally accepted standard, neither for what constitutes good and bad behavior, nor for what score is fair for each activity.

Second, such a system requires constant surveillance of the population, including what they do at home. Otherwise, people might get a high score, even though they are secretly beating their spouses and abusing their children. There is a big difference between targeted surveillance of suspects based on probable cause, and permanent, pervasive surveillance of the whole population. In order to be effective, social credit systems require far-reaching infringements of privacy.

Third, a social credit system is highly susceptible to abuse by those, who control the system. They decide on what activities are included, what credit/debit applies to each activity and for what activities the system will be used. Owning such a system enables them to control the lives of all citizens.

Politicians, public officials and Big Business love such a system, as it enables them to gain absolute power. They don’t view it as a social credit system, but a Citizen Evaluation System (CES), which provides unlimited opportunities when combined with physical, financial and mental control.

Let’s give you an example. Suppose that you mention at work or during dinner with friends, that some government measures make no sense. The AI-based surveillance system will detect this and automatically lower your score in the CES. You will be informed about it, but there will be no possibility to appeal against it. Being nice to your coworkers or doing other good deeds won’t help. Only if you officially recant, will your score return to the old level.

A reduced score will trigger several restrictions. You might not be allowed to go to a bar, restaurant or gym and be excluded from social media for a week. 100 currency units might also disappear from your CBDC account. This sends a strong message to you: You either behave, or we will destroy you.

If you continue to criticize the authorities, financial control will ensure, that you can’t purchase a train or plane ticket. Even if you somehow find a way to circumvent the financial control system, physical control will make certain, that you are prevented from entering any train station or airport. And mind control will delete your social media accounts. The system will ensure, that you can’t meet new people in person or communicate with them over the internet. You will become socially isolated.

Medical treatment options will also be reduced. Most likely, your good-natured totalitarian regime won’t deny you medical treatment outright. But in case, that there is a public health system, you will be delegated to a low service group, which will make it very difficult to get an appointment with a doctor or hospital. If you have to pay for medical expenses yourself, you might find out, that the money needed to do so has miraculously disappeared from your CBDC account.

The more you complain, the more draconian the suppression measures will become. And it will not only apply to you, but also your family. The score of your spouse and children will drop, even if they don’t agree with what you are saying. Education provides a good example. Once you drop below a certain score, your children will be expelled from school and have no chance to go to university. The same might apply to health care and social activities. Don’t be surprised if your kids start hating you.

If all those measures prove futile, your internet access will be cut and you will be forced to stay at home, except to buy groceries. You will only have enough money to buy critical items, as all of your savings have been deleted from your CBDC account.

If you still find a way to offend the authorities, all money will disappear from your CBDC account and medical treatment will be refused. Now the real struggle for survival begins. Don’t count on your neighbors and friends. They won’t help you, as doing so would substantially reduce their own score. You are completely on your own, no concentration camp is needed to ensure your premature death.


Global corporatism has replaced national sovereignty

In the past, totalitarian regimes were limited to single countries or regions. If you didn’t like them, you had the choice to emigrate to another country provided that you acted fast enough. Today is different. What we are currently experiencing is a global phenomenon.  Propaganda and government measures don’t differ much by country and are often almost identical. One or two countries might go ahead, but once their governments have successfully implemented a specific measure, they will soon be followed by the authorities in other countries.

For a keen observer there can be no doubt, that all major initiatives are centrally coordinated. Country sovereignty has been replaced by so-called global public-private partnership. This is a euphemism for the takeover of the state by global corporations and top bureaucrats, who themselves are controlled by a very small group of multi-billionaires.

The rise of global corporatism did not start with Covid. Over the past decades, big businesses have gained substantial influence over national governments and multinational organizations. They control the media and can influence elections. The number of countries is constantly growing, where the global elite has toppled freely elected, but hostile governments, and replaced them by puppet regimes.

An analysis of national legislation and multinational trade agreements confirms, that big corporations have gained highly lucrative concessions at the detriment of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). Partially, they even assumed control of whole business sectors. Increasingly, national decision-making and jurisdiction has been handed over to regional or global bodies who are controlled by big business. All this happened without the full knowledge and approval of local citizens.

The role of big asset management firms such as BlackRock and Vanguard should not be underestimated. A lot of money in their funds comes from middle-class people, either directly or indirectly via insurance companies. But investors hardly have any rights. They can’t participate in the appointment of senior managers of the asset management firm and they can’t influence the fund policies. All major decisions are taken behind the scenes and certainly not with your interest in mind.

There is a very small group of people, who control large businesses and increasingly also countries. They are appointed by an even smaller group that operates in the background. Their names probably mean nothing to you, but they are the once that increasingly determine your life. 

We have always been promotors of free markets with strong competition rules. Nowadays, most markets are highly regulated, and competition rules are not applied, even if they exist. Regulatory authorities ignore the brazen wrongdoing of big corporations, that are “too big to fail”, and whose managers are “too big to jail”. As a result, we have crony capitalism, not free markets.

Covid policies enacted by governments around the world can only be described as the planned destruction of the global economy for the benefit of big business. While many small companies had to close at least temporarily, the big players could stay open. Public funds were mostly channeled into bailing out big corporations, while smaller businesses were weakened to the point, that they had to close down or be sold at cents on the dollar to much bigger competitors. 

Currently we are experiencing a huge wealth transfer from the bottom 95% to the top 0.0001% or so, with the remaining roughly 5% getting smaller rewards for serving as enablers and henchmen of the Super Rich.

The so-called ‘Covid crisis’ has never been about health, but always about money and power. In the next wave, most of the remaining national champions will disappear or be taken over by multinational corporations. By then, a tiny elite will have assumed full control of national governments.


Do your own research

Do you think that the above is nonsense? We don’t claim to know the truth and won’t be surprised, if some elements turn out to be different. But we are pretty sure, that we are not completely wrong. Just 2 years ago only so-called right-wing conspiracy theorists predicted, that you might be detained at home, deprived of your right to work, and be – directly or indirectly – forced to get a vaccine, that stops neither infection nor transmission. The enormous speed at which previously inalienable human rights have been revoked in the Western World is proof enough, that nothing is impossible. 

We encourage you to do your own research. Google, Facebook and YouTube are heavily censored and not the best place to start. Try search engines with less bias such as DuckDuckGo or Mojeek. Watch videos on Bitchute, Odysee, or Vimeo, that still contain a lot of content, that has been deleted by YouTube. Even Facebook has viable alternatives.

Browse websites of organizations, that promote the ‘Great Reset’ and ‘Build Back Better’ at your expense, such as the World Economic Forum (WEF), The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Rockefeller Foundation. Government documents and papers published by multinational organizations such as the World Bank, BIS, WTO, WHO and many others also make interesting reading.

Subscribe to newsletters from alternative journalists and bloggers. There are plenty out there, which you can find with little effort. You will be surprised about the amount of well-researched and high-quality content, that is (still) available on the internet. We don’t provide any recommendation. Find a few that you feel personally comfortable with.

Soon you will realize, that the big media organizations only provide a very narrow, highly selective and biased view of reality. You will have to acknowledge, that what is mentioned in this article can be found in official documents, either stated explicitly or between the lines.


Peaceful resistance is a moral duty

Since the end of World War II, freedom and democracy has never been more at risk in the Western world. We only have a very short time window left to prevent our societies from gliding into totalitarianism. Modern surveillance techniques will guarantee, that once such a regime is firmly installed, it will be almost impossible to get rid of it.

If life under a totalitarian regime is not the future, that you envisage for your family and yourself, you need to act now. Ignoring what is going on or intentionally looking the other way constitutes complicity. 

You don’t need to be a hero, to oppose totalitarianism. Standing alone and defenseless in front of a tank or participating in street fights with the police won’t end this.  What we need is creative civil disobedience.

There are many things that you can do. Contradict others, when they repeat the official propaganda. Take part in peaceful demonstrations and other non-violent activities in order to show, that a growing number of people don’t support totalitarianism. Counter the official propaganda with short, verifiable, appealing and perhaps funny posts on social media (humor relieves anxiety and is the opposite of what totalitarian leaders offer).

Avoid buying products from companies, that support and profit from the official narrative. The global elite doesn’t care about our misery, but they certainly care about their profits. By supporting small shops instead of global chains, you delay the great reset and help companies that urgently need our support. Prices might be higher and choices might be limited, but this is a small price to pay to keep your freedom.

Find other like-minded people to lend support to each other. Start conversations with public officials, especially members of the police and the judiciary. They are also human beings and we will need them. Encourage doctors and scientists to speak out.

The workplace also offers many opportunities. When Southwest Airlines in the USA tried to implement the federal vaccine mandate for larger companies, employees started to work to rule. As a result, most flights were delayed and many had to be cancelled. Eventually the management had to give in.

If you are already fully vaccinated, reach out to the unvaccinated and tell them, that you respect their choice and will not discriminate against them. If you are unvaccinated, respect the choice of those, who – voluntarily or involuntarily – got the jab. This is not the fight between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. It is our joint fight against the self-appointed global elite, that thinks it can dictate our lives.

Be creative. Not weapons will stop this, but opening the minds of those, who have currently given in to fear-mongering. We are the majority and if we stick together, we will win.

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