Most people focus on their career, their family, their friends and their hobbies, but give little attention to their personal finances and usually don’t establish safeguards for the future. LBB encourages normal citizens to allocate more time managing their personal finances and preparing for the economic, political and social upheaval, that has already started and is bound to get worse in the coming years.

LBB was launched by a PhD in economics and has grown into a global network of specialists in their respective field. We provide high-quality research and guidance on global living, wealth preservation and safeguarding personal freedom. Our website is different from others, as we don’t get paid as ghostwriters, don’t receive commissions or other benefits, and don’t make money on advertisement. We are fully aware that this is not a successful business model. But making a lot of money is not our objective. Our biggest reward is, when we can help normal families avoid falling victim to fraud or having their hard-earned savings being syphoned off by shady financial consultants.

We encourage you to write to us about your own thoughts and experiences, so that we can improve our service. If you think that you can contribute to this site in any way, we look forward to hear from you soon. Please contact us at info@livebeyondborders.com.

Our values

  • We strongly believe in democracy, even though it is certainly “the worst form of government, except for all the others” (Winston Churchill)
  • We are in favor of free markets, provided that good competition and labor protection laws are enacted and strictly enforced
  • We consider it a duty for everyone with sufficient means, to contribute to society by paying taxes and therefore reject tax evasion . However, the tax code should be fair, tax money should not be squandered by politicians, and tax revenue in relation to GDP should be low
  • We only cover products that are no obvious scams and adhere to existing laws and regulations
  • We see personal freedom as an inalienable human right, that is subject only to the same personal freedom of other individuals
  • We stick to the following basic principle: “Don’t do to others, what you don’t want others to do to you”

Why are we different?


We are completely independent. Our reporting is neither contracted by third parties nor in any way influenced by commission payments or advertisement revenue. We adhere to a strong set of values


We are outspoken, passionate and aim to give you a balanced picture including all pros and cons. We frankly tell you all the truths that you have been ignoring for so long


We are not content with just checking a few online sources. We thoroughly investigate a topic until we are confident, that we have fully understood and covered every angle

Politically incorrect

We take great pride in being politically incorrect. We don’t report what people or the establishment want to hear. Instead, following extensive research and critical analysis, we write what we honestly consider to be the truth ….. and the truth might sometimes be deemed to be politically incorrect


We are absolutely open about how we do our research and how we arrive at our conclusions. If you question our procedures or results, you can contact us and we will publish your comments together with our reply. We will never suppress critical comments, provided that they are well-substantiated


Our website will help you to save time and effort, as we provide all information in a well-structured and easily accessible way, so that you can make up your own mind quickly