Act now

We are certainly not alone in warning about an imminent crisis. There are a growing number of well-respected analysts, executives, officials and even (former) politicians that are raising equally urgent alarms. To realize that trouble is ahead is quite straightforward if you have a functioning brain, a minimum level of critical thinking and a realistic assessment of the world. However, to predict accurately how the crisis will unfold and what the exact timing will be is impossible.

Unlike others we do not pretend that we have all the answers. We are also not recommending you to short the market or invest in some obscure derivatives. Leave that to the pros or those who think they are pros (the list of highly intelligent and experienced people who got heavily burnt is already long and names get added on a daily basis). Our focus is on “return of capital” and not so much on “return on capital”. In the coming crisis you will most likely lose part or all of your money with some investments and can only hope to compensate it with the profits from other investments. Prepare for several scenarios so that you can keep your capital irrespective of the specific developments in the world and your home country. Once real asset prices have fallen enough you will be among the few, who have funds to invest which are likely to generate a handsome return in the future.

The Rich and well-informed are already acting by obtaining second passports, buying foreign real estate and globally diversifying their assets. For middle-class citizens it is certainly more difficult but it can be done. This website aims to provide you with all necessary information so that you can decide for yourself and act accordingly. Just don’t wait too long.

Enable global living

You can’t just travel to another country and stay there as long as you like. Before you leave home, you need to obtain the right to legally enter a country for an extended period and perhaps work there. You need to ensure that you have at least basic health coverage and you must have access to your money even if capital controls are implemented in your home country. All this requires extensive preparations that are better done right now. Don’t wait until it is too late.

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Safeguard your personal freedom

Make sure that you stay fully informed about all economic, social and political developments by using not only well-known media sources but also alternative news sites. This will enable you to act quickly if necessary. Also strengthen your digital privacy to ensure that all your internet usage and communication stays as private as possible.

Preserve and build your wealth

To prepare for the imminent crisis conduct a thorough review of your portfolio. Ensure that it is well diversified internationally and with regard to custodians and that it includes some physical gold and silver as well as cryptocurrencies for which you hold the private keys.
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