Are you prepared for the future?

The global economy is far too complex to be able to precisely predict the timing and extent of the future crisis. However, expect your country to be affected by some or all the following within the next decade:

  • Negative interest rates even for normal savings accounts
  • Extended quantitative easing and eventually helicopter money
  • Trade and currency wars
  • Large tax increases
  • Cash ban and capital controls
  • Asset deflation coupled with consumer inflation
  • Election of populist governments with extremist agendas
  • Increase of bankruptcies and unemployment
  • Default of banks and insurance companies
  • Insolvency of public pension and health care systems
  • Collapse of the current fiat and monetary system
  • Breakdown of supply chains
  • Intergenerational conflicts
  • Civil disobedience and civil unrest
  • Proliferation of mass surveillance and substantial curbing of personal and economic freedom
  • Rise of international conflicts and wars

But don’t be scared. This will not be the end of civilization. If you manage to preserve your assets and freedom throughout the crisis you will have the opportunity to invest in wonderful assets at cents for the dollars and emerge richer than you are today.

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