Portfolio Check

Starting point is an analysis of your personal situation and objectives as well as your total assets and liabilities. We analyze the performance and risk of your portfolio and discuss potential changes such as adding new asset classes, changing the allocation among assets classes, reducing specific risks such as custody and fiat risk, opening offshore bank accounts and forming an offshore company, trust or foundation. We will also help you to find respected service providers to support your asset diversification.

Our service includes the following:

  • Initial video call of up to 30 minutes, in which you present your portfolio and the main challenges that you currently face
  • Analysis of additional information provided by you (up to 60 minutes)
  • Second video call of up to 60 minutes in which potential improvements to your portfolio are discussed

The price of a portfolio check is EUR 300.

To discuss details please contact us at info@livebeyondborders.com.

Portfolio Check – FAQ

Why would I need a service like this?

Economic and political risks are rapidly rising around the world. Traditional “safe” investments only offer limited or no protection. To conserve and grow your wealth it is important to build a diversified portfolio among asset classes, jurisdictions, and custodians. In addition, there should be a hedge against the potential collapse of fiat currencies such as the USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, and AUD. Our consultation helps you to quickly acquire the necessary knowledge and connections, to build such a balanced portfolio in line with your personal situation and preferences

I already have a financial advisor. Why would I need you?

Most financial advisors try to manage as much of your liquid assets as possible, to maximize their fees, commissions and other benefits from the providers of financial products.

We are different. Our consultation considers your total portfolio, which includes not only traditional liquid assets such as stocks, bonds and cash, but also real estate, life insurance policies, precious metal, crypto currencies, other hard assets and liabilities. We also cover banking and offshore companies or foundations. To ensure that our advice is unbiased and only benefits you, we get paid exclusively by you and don’t accept commissions, incentive payments, bonuses, luxury cruises, flights on private jets or other “payments in kind” from the providers of financial services

What personal information do I need to provide?

To comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations, we are required to obtain information on the identity of our clients. Usually we will ask for your full name, contact details and professional background

What portfolio information do I need to provide?

We fully understand that talking about personal finances is a very delicate affair. Therefore, only you decide what you want to share with us. This can be the exact investment amount per asset class, your portfolio composition in percentages, or just some vague idea about the assets that you hold. However, if you provide very limited information to us, this will certainly affect the quality of service that we provide

How do you protect my privacy?

We request that all information provided to us is send by encrypted email (if you are unsure how to do it, we will help you with it). For video calls we will propose services, that to the best of our knowledge are fully encrypted. We will not sell or otherwise share your information with third-parties to obtain benefits for us. For more information please refer to our privacy policy

Will you help me to purchase the best performing stocks and bonds?

We only provide advice on asset classes in general and portfolio structures. If you just seek recommendations on specific stocks, bonds, options, futures, etc. we recommend that you talk to a qualified financial advisor

How much will the value of my portfolio soar after your consultation?

There are a lot of sell-side “advisors” and bloggers, who promise you “100%-safe” returns of 371% or even 1053%. We don’t. Each investment involves risks, even those in and so-called “safe” products such as savings accounts, life insurance policies and government bonds. Our focus is not to achieve spectacular gains with some investments (while not talking about similarly spectacular losses with other investments), but rather to help you achieve a good balance between risk and return in line with your personal situation and preferences.

Can I invest money with you?

We only provide consultation services and don’t manage funds or investments for you. However, we can help you to find respected service providers, e.g. for the trading and storage of precious metals and crypto currencies

What topics do you cover in your portfolio check?

Typical topics are:

  • What is the performance and risk of my current portfolio?
  • Does it make sense to invest large amounts in fixed deposits and life insurance policies?
  • Is it recommendable to put all my money in real estate (especially your own house)?
  • Are stocks or bonds good investments right now?
  • What happens if fiat currencies such as the USD, EUR, GBP, AUD or CAD collapse?
  • How do I hedge against deflation and inflation?
  • What are the risks and benefits of precious metals (e.g. gold, silver) and cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin)? What is the best way to buy and store them?
  • Are offshore bank accounts safe and what options exist?
  • Should I put my money in offshore companies, foundations or trusts and what options exist?
  • How do I obtain foreign residence rights or a second passport?
Will you tell me exactly what to invest in?

We strongly believe that everyone is responsible for his or her money. We therefore won’t tell you to purchase specific asset classes or implement a specific portfolio allocation. However, we will discuss the pros and cons of various investment alternatives, challenge your existing views and provide proposals on how to adjust your portfolio. This will save you time required to do your own research and enable you to take your own decisions.

Is international asset diversification legal?

We adhere to existing laws and regulations and only discuss legal ways to optimize your portfolio. We don’t condone and assist tax evasion, money laundering or other illegal activities

What language do you use?

Currently we can offer communication in English and German. We are planning to add other languages in the future