Live Beyond Borders


Preserve your wealth and freedom through
international diversification

Live Beyond Borders

Preserve your wealth and freedom through international diversification

What benefits does Live Beyond Borders offer?

With global debt at record levels, most asset prices in bubble territory and negative interest rates spreading, the world is bound for a major economic reset that might dwarf the Global Financial Crisis of 2007-09. To successfully cope with the foreseeable turmoil, you need to take action now. We provide impartial and well-researched information that will help you to prepare in the best way:

Build a crisis-proof portfolio that can withstand all potential scenarios

Diversify your assets internationally, among custodians and away from fiat currencies

Be prepared to move abroad
if the situation in your country becomes intolerable

Use only respected service providers that are known to be professional and reliable

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What sets us apart from others?


We are completely independent. Our reporting is neither contracted by third parties nor in any way influenced by commission payments or advertisement revenue. We adhere to a strong set of values


We are investigative, outspoken, transparent and aim to give you a balanced picture including all positive and negative aspects


We are not telling you to put your money in this or that “safe” investment with a high “guaranteed” return. Instead we give you feedback on your current portfolio and provide quality information on international investing and living opportunities, so that you can take your own decisions


We don’t aim to earn high fees as a middleman who doesn’t add any value. Our goal is to put you in contact with the right service providers so that you can contract with them directly


We take a truly global perspective and put much more emphasis on Europe (our cultural background) and Asia (the continent of the 21st century where we live) than many other sites that primarily focus on the USA

What information do we provide?


We provide well-researched blogs and reports that contain all the facts and background information that you need to successfully implement global living, preserve wealth and safeguard your personal freedom


We give suggestions on how asset portfolios need to be structured to withstand the inevitable global economic reset. In particular we analyze asset classes that most financial advisors won’t even mention (as they don’t get commissions for selling them)


We expose the many unsound investment proposals and scams that are heavily marketed by many players in the financial services industry with questionable morale and business practices


We guide you to respected service providers that care for their customers. They will help you to obtain a foreign passport or bank account, incorporate an offshore company, store gold safely, invest your money and optimize (but not evade) taxes

Who should read our webside?

Are you happy to live in the area, where you were born and grew up? Do you have most or all of your family and friends there? Are all your assets in your home country, such as real estate, bank and brokerage accounts? Do you pay every month into the government pension scheme and your private life insurance policy? Do you feel confident, that you are well prepared for the future? Then you should definitely read on. But even for those, who have already started with international diversification, this site should contain useful insights.
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Are you planning to leave everything behind and move to a deserted island in the Pacific or a mountain retreat in the Himalayas? Are you in your midlife crisis and hope to find spiritual fulfillment at a monastery in Bhutan or an indigenous village in the Amazon? Are you trying to evade taxes through “globalization” or to commit fraud through a network of international bogus firms? Then you are definitely on the wrong site and we kindly suggest that you try your luck elsewhere.